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a slow dumb show for you

put a blue ribbon on my brain

19 January 1990
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all the alexes, amistad, anime, archie, arrayano, art, asds, badfic, bandom love, barista!jon, bden, big love, books, brendonion cullen, british accent, brokeback mountain, brothers and sisters, cachorros, cassie ainsworth, charlie the unicorn, cheese, chocolate, cobra starship, cobra!dick, coffeeeee, compulsive procrastination, criminal minds, dcook, dexter, doctor spencer reid, dude, education, emo, etc ad nauseam, fall out boy, fangirl love, fe, films, free love u horz, friends, fringe, glee, glittery-alien-from-planet-fierce, god, gossip girl, graphics, grey's anatomy, harry potter, homosexual rights, hotch hbic, house, icons, indie, justino, jwalk, jweir, lapices, magical zebra with wings, manga, music, my chemical romance, not twilight, one fandom: pete wentz, orange bro, p.stump/bden (the answer), panic at the disco, photography, pirates do it better, pizza, placebo, pocket idol, poetry, prentiss our homegirl, queer as folk, reading_cock_instead_of_cook, ryan rossy, ryan/cock, she had the floor, sheldon cooper, skins, slash, spanglish, spencer james smith v, star trek, starbucks, stephen king, te quieri, tea, the big bang theory, the hush sound, twloha, u de loser, un montón de películas, un montón de series, unipires, vicky t, wincest, writing, zebra/swan/mongoose (the other answer),